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Memories mark the passing of time. We offer Family Photography to keep those memories alive.

Stanwood Camano Island Family Photography

Family photos are often an after thought at a special event or once a year at a holiday, but they deserve to be more than that. Family photos are like landmarks that guide you down memory lane.

We are excited to help your family make some new photos AS WELL as new memories that you can cherish for years to come!

Stanwood Camano Island Family Portraits

Just Another Day Family Documentaries

“Just Another Day” is our name for family documentaries. These unique portrait sessions are a fun way to see your family in candid and authentic moments.

Our approach goes way beyond a typical portrait setting. We get in to your families life, whether at home or out on an adventure, and record those incredible special moments that you and your family share each and every day.

We provide a hybrid approach of photo + video to not only give you amazing photographs, but to also provide you with a highlight film documenting your families interactions and special moments.

You can even think of it as a mini-vacation with your own personal photographer. A playday to be together as family, putting the phones away and just have some fun. We will be there to capture every moment as it happens.

If you are looking for more traditional family portraits for a Christmas card, wall print, or even to update your profile photo, we have you covered as well. See more of our photos below.

ideas for family documentary photography in stanwood camano island

Ideas to get you started

Let us help you with some ideas on where to start with your “Just Another Day” family documentary.

  • A lazy morning at home – Sometimes all you need for great family photos is a relaxing morning at home. Making breakfast together, playing games and getting ready for the day is a good option for a young family.
  • An afternoon playdate – Head out to the park and enjoy the sunshine together as a family. A great option for families with active young children.
  • A dinner with family – Sometimes, a nice relaxed family meal can be the best setting to make family memories. You can even invite the grandparents to join!
  • A family sports day – Why not have a little family competition to bring out the smiles and make some one of a kind family memories!
  • An adventure in the mountains – or anything outdoors for that matter. Does your family love being in the PNW? What a great way to capture your family doing what you love.
  • An evening camp fire with s’mores – Just in case you needed an excuse for how to spend a clear evening with the family enjoying sweets and stories, here it is!

The options are endless and we’d love to hear your ideas and maybe even bat around a few more of our own. Reach out and we can get the conversation started!

Prices starting at $300

What does a Family Documentary look like?

Our family documentary uses photo + video coverage to capture the most memorable parts of your day so that you can enjoy them for years to come. Click play to watch now! Or visit our blog to see our most recent work.

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A note from one of our happy families!

“Aric has been our photographer for two major events- my daughter’s senior portraits and our family pictures after we added our last baby to the family.

MY FAMILY HATES TO HAVE THEIR PICTURES MADE, but we LOVED having Aric make our pictures. He made it so fun, and our pictures were of relaxed, happy people! Our whole family had a great time with Aric and it really showed in our pictures.

When my older children were getting married, they both commented that they wished Aric could make their wedding pictures, but, sadly, we had moved away by that time. You will not only LOVE your pictures from Aric, but you will also love spending the time with him.”

– Julie

Family Photography Portfolio

Stanwood Camano Island Family Photography

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