Granite Falls is a beautiful backdrop for any engagement session

We LOVE Camano Island, it’s beaches and views, the walking trails and everything about it! Photography is so much fun here on the Island. But Washington has a lot to offer and just a short drive away are the beautiful North Cascades.

We made the beautiful drive up past Arlington and out to Granite Falls to meet Jesse and Victoria at the Fish Ladder off of Mountain Loop Highway. With a small turnout to serve as a “parking lot” it could be easy to miss but it was well worth the trip. You can find more information on the Fish Ladder here.

Jesse and Victoria got engaged on Christmas Day in 2020 after surviving COVID lockdowns together. We met them through a Facebook post and are so glad we did. They wanted their engagement session to reflect their love of the outdoors.

We began to explore the area together from some of the footpaths and down to the water. The rocks at the waters edge are a beautiful white/gray granite and I suspect that is where Granite Falls gets its name. We got there about an hour before sunset and at this time of year, the sun likes to peak perfectly through trees and right down into the valley created by the river.

We did these photos at the end of March and the water was flowing pretty good, but if you come a bit later in the spring as more of the mountain snow melts, the water REALLY comes rushing down and can create some amazing mist!

In addition to engagement photos, Jesse and Victoria also had us put together a Save the Date video announcement (learn more below). Enjoy a little bit of pre-marital bliss and the gorgeous beauty of an engagement session at Granite Falls!