Learn why a micro wedding on Camano Island is a great option for 2021!

Planning for a wedding has changed drastically since 2020. BUT, We’re here to share some good news and give you some great tips to help plan your 2021 wedding. Who are we? We are Aric and Rachel, a husband and wife photography team on Camano Island.

Here are some tips to help you plan the BEST micro wedding on Camano Island.

Intimate micro wedding on camano island


Over the last several years, wedding guest counts (and prices!!) have gotten larger and larger and has really complicated the planning process. Often, as it was in our own wedding, this is due to family pressure. Often, couples even stop feeling like it is THEIR wedding any longer, that they are just along for the ride.

2021 is your year to have the wedding YOU WANT.


It’s rare that couples even get to talk with everyone that attends their wedding.

But this year can be different. With a smaller wedding on Camano Island, you can now spend time with all the people you love and have invited.


This is the year to save money on your wedding. Prices have gotten out of control in the wedding industry and now you can find other uses for all the money you will save on a micro wedding.


The most exciting thing about micro weddings is that you can get married anywhere you like. Like at the gorgeous Camano Island Inn! But more on that later!

You no longer have to search for a venue that will accomadate your massive guest list while trying to stay in your budget.

You can be creative and get married in the woods or perhaps at Cranberry Lake or maybe even at your favorite local restaurant.


As wedding photographers, this is the most exciting part of intimate micro weddings.

Your entire wedding day will be simplified, which translates in to way less stress for YOU on your big day. No problems to troubleshoot, you just get to enjoy your big day.

The lack of stress on the wedding day will show dramatically in your photos.

We will have all the time we need for amazing photos, and we will be in control of the time of day when we take them. At a tranditional wedding, the photo session just kind of fits wherever it fits – which takes away from finding the right light and making you look your best.

At a micro wedding, we can shedule the BEST time of day to make your memories that will last a lifetime.

And as a special bonus, now you can budget a little more to spend on the details you’d REALLY like to have.

So, how can we plan this perfect wedding? Keep reading! 

plan a camano island micro wedding
great photography for micro wedding on camano iso island

How to Plan a Camano Island Micro Wedding

Pick your dream location.

No more rules about where you should or shouldn’t have your ceremony. Parks, venues and businesses are all really going out of their way to be super accommodating during this time period, and that will make your life a lot easier!

Here are several locations on Camano Island that we think are amazing!

  • Camano Island Inn – An ideal location with breathtaking views of the Puget Sound for both indoor and outdoor weddings. They try hard to keep their rates affordable. July is currently filling up fast and the summer months will likely be quite full.
  • The Finery – A beautiful outdoor space for an intimate wedding on Camano Island.
  • Four Springs House – An intimate indoor wedding or an outdoor ceremony by the lake await you.
  • The Island House – A destination event venue that can host up to 50 people.

*typically, we would recommend Camano Island State Park or Cama Beach, but currently, State Parks are not allowing day use of  or rental of cabins which could make the day of a bit too complicated.

Take some of the money you’ve saved and splurge on your dream vendors!

Budgets tend to be stretched real thin because of the number of guests in attendance. A micro wedding is just the excuse you nee to involve all the vendors you want to pull of your dream wedding.

Have your reception on location or move to a restaurant.

With a smaller guest list, it is much easier to set up a small reception wherever you’d like. Whatever your dream location is for your reception, this is year to make it happen. 

Intimate elopement and micro wedding on Camano Island

Tips to get the best photos

Schedule your ceremony at the right time of day.

2-3 hours before sunset (depending on how heavily wooded the area is) will give us the best light for your photos.

Hire a photographer (us!) for 2-3 hours

This shorter time frame will cover some of the getting ready, the ceremony as well as formals and family photos. Of course, we have packages to cover even more or a la carte options for you to create your own.

Our photography is candid, so you’ll find the whole experience to be more relaxing than you might expect right now.

If you are interested in working together, please send me a note in the contact form below or head over to our contact page for all the ways you can reach out to us.

Thank you for reading and we’d love to answer any questions you have!