Let’s talk some about some options to wear for your engagement photos

Updated March 2021

Engagement photos are a FUN and important event before you get to your wedding. We like to think of engagements sessions as an opportunity to relax and enjoy each other; taking some much needed time out of your busy schedule to have some “you” time. We’ll just get to be there to get some amazing candid photos to help you tell the story of your love.

Your engagement photos also help you get ready for your big day. How? You’ll likely use these engagement photos for your save the date cards or even for your invitations. Not to mention, they will be memories you’ll cherish for years to come! So, dressing for the occasion is important. Let’s explore some tips and ideas for what to wear for your engagement photos.


What to Wear for Your Engagement Photos in Stanwood Camano Island

A few tips to keep in mind


Timeless photos that you will cherish forever. Start by choosing an outfit that you won’t cringe at in ten or twenty years. Classic looks never go out of season and they also help accent your story, not your clothes.


There’s no reason that getting ready for your engagement session needs to be a stressful endeavor. Why not make each step an enjoyable memory in your journey towards becoming one? Go shopping together, rummage through each other’s closet, or do a fashion show to make the process of choosing your outfits to wear for your engagement photos something exciting and enjoyable. As a couple, we love making everything fun, and a “date” is how we do it!


Keep in mind WHERE you are doing your photo session. Are you going to the beach? Sandals or other shoes that are easy to take on and off, or that you don’t mind getting wet, may be a good choice. Do you plan on going in to the woods, or going for a hike? If so, closed-toed shoes or hiking boots are probably a good idea.


Have you run out of ideas or are just not sure what to choose? Ask a friend who’s taste you trust. You can even reach out to us, your photographer, for advice. We’d love to offer some help.

Keep reading and lets talk about some more tips to keep in mind as you choose what to wear for your engagement photos! 

Dress for Comfort

First and foremost, you will want to feel comfortable for your engagement photos. Your personal taste in clothing is very important. Do you enjoy wearing jeans and a T-shirt? Don’t grab the suit and tie just yet. Spending the whole time tugging at that collared shirt you bought just for your engagement session may give you a memorable time, but not the kind of memories you are wanting to make! 

It is important for you to feel comfortable and relaxed.

No matter what clothes and SHOES you choose, make sure that you will feel comfortable during the entire session. Who wants to be too itchy, too warm, too cold, too whatever? No, you want to just be in love the entire time.

Pro-Tip: Bring a backup outfit or two just in case something isn’t working out or you have a wardrobe failure.

Dress for Looks

Besides being comfortable you need to choose what makes you look good. Choose an outfit that puts forward the “best you”. You don’t need to imitate someone else’s style. You want to rock your personal style, whether it’s bold and vibrant or subdued and casual, you do you.

Choose clothes that help you feel confident in your looks!

Choose a timeless and/or classic look. Have you ever looked at someone else’s photos and had a good laugh at the styles they chose? It’s definitely worth considering how “trendy” you dress. Think about choosing outfits that you won’t look back on and laugh at.

Fun-Tip: Let your fiancé choose your outfit and you choose theirs.

Dress for Your Love

What do we mean by “dress for love”? We are talking about things that can detract from your images and the story of your love. You’ll want to carefully consider the colors you are choosing!

Start with a neutral base for both of you

Neon or other stand-out colors, such as orange or red, will draw attention away from the candid moments you will share during your engagement session. We want to feature your love, your story, and your relationship. Not necessarily your clothing!

Choose colors that compliment you. Your eyes, your hair or your skin! Consider choosing cooler colors, neutral tones or pastels. Also, be aware that busy patterns and stripes can also take attention away from you.

Pro-tip: avoid pin stripes. They often look quite odd in photos and can detract from the image.

A brightly accented accessory can however, really add depth to your outfit (see the next section).

Dress for Flair

Incorporate some accessories to accent your outfit. Your favorite necklace, a hat, a scarf, a light jacket… the options are endless. Consider choosing something that stands out from your clothes rather than blending in.

Go with a vibrant color like emerald, sapphire, or ruby NOT a neon

You can accomplish this through color, fabric or texture. Lace, fur, denim, leather, etc are all examples of items that can help your outfit stand out by adding texture. By adding a few accessories that can be added or taken off easily, you will also add a lot of variety to your images without the need for elaborate wardrobe changes.

A quick note on make up

Do your make up like you normally would. Again, you want this to show off the best you, not a different you. You can even choose to have your hair and make up done professionally as a practice run for your wedding. Just be sure to allow enough time before your engagement session to get it done.

Pro-tip: avoid dark eye looks as it can create hard shadows and obscure your beautiful eyes!

Dress for each Other

It is best to coordinate your outfit with your partner. This doesn’t mean you have to completely match them (we think this is cheesy, but if that is what you are going for, more power to you!). If you are dressing up, you don’t want your partner to look like they’re going to a football game. Pair patterns and solids together for a good match and avoid busier designs.

Pro-tip: Use color accents in your outfit that correspond with your partner’s outfit.

Dress for the Memories

Bringing along some special items can really add that extra zing to your engagement photos. This is where your engagement session can start to take on a life of it’s own, so get creative!

Choose items that are special to you both and represent your relationship

A blanket to sit on, a kite for windy beaches, a picnic basket, or perhaps your pet are all additions that can enhance the special moments you share during your engagement session.

    Dress for the Weather

    Let’s face it: this is the Pacific Northwest. If you don’t like the weather, just wait a while, because it will change. But what if it changes during your engagement shoot?

    Well, the first step is to be prepared ahead of time. Check on the weather and prepare a couple of outfits. Your first one that fits with the forecast and maybe a back up or two in case it changes.

    Be prepared with layers

    Of course, one of the most important steps you can take is to have layers that you can take off, or put on, as necessary. Maybe even bring a towel! You never know when you may get wet, even if it is just splashing through the water!

    Of course, you will also want to consider the season when choosing your outfit. Summer may mean a sun dress and bare feet while winter may mean a thick sweater and scarf. Choose your favorite thing about the season and go with that!

    Dress for Fun

    You are going to have a blast simply spending time with your partner during your engagement session. Remember, this is a time to relax and enjoy each other. So, why not make the journey to get there a fun time as well?

    In the end, it doesn’t matter how you look

    This time with your significant other is about focusing on each other and making memories, not about what you are wearing! You don’t need to practice for this time, just show up and be yourselves and let your photographer do the magic! We’ll be there to capture the memories to make them last a lifetime!

    Have you hit a dead end? Ask a friend for their advice or you can even reach out to us. We’d love to offer some more tips and help you choose the perfect outfit for your engagement session!

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